Dear Exchange email users . . .

While we exhausted any and every attempt to work around this weeks unacceptable Microsoft Exchange eMail experience. After uncountable hours on and off the phone with numerous personnel at both Rackspace and Microsoft . . .

. . . We have a solution. The steps to reactivate your eMail will require your assistance as Microsoft personnel are standing by to walk you through the reactivation.

Once completed, Microsoft Exchange service will be managed and maintained by Microsoft personnel, with a dedicated support phone number.

To begin the migration and restoral of eMail service . . .

First . . .

1) Register for a Microsoft account. (Prices are shown) - Click Here
Moving forward, payment for eMail service will go directly to Microsoft; payments you made to YourWebPro in the past will no longer be billed)

2) Have a list of eMail addresses ready to migrate before calling.

Call this dedicated Microsoft migration number . . . (206) 429-9176

Once you contact Microsoft, the process moves quickly.

Thank you for your continued patience during this experience,
YourWebPro Management
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