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MapYourProjects Tool

Your interactive map showcases your work, letting customers search by area, project category, and even product type. Easily build a visually stunning portfolio of your work and boost your online presence with new original content.

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MapYourProjects' Capabilities


An interactive map showcases all your work, and let's customers search by area, project category, and even product types. MYP can easily be added to your website for easy customer viewing.

Photo Capturing

Nothing promotes your work better than photos, so take as many as you like and easily upload them to your projects. Upload them right on the job site or the office later.

Review Management

Past reviews sell future jobs, so we make it easy to collect new reviews and display existing reviews from Google and Facebook. Collect reviews easily in-person, or let MYP send a follow up via email.

Customer Touchpoints

Boost your presence on Google, allow customers to see your work and read reviews on your website, and gain a powerful tool to bring to sales appointments - all through MapYourProjects

More than a Map

One-of-a-Kind Software

  • Build Customer Trust

    Demonstrating the high caliber of your work can help you build trust with your clients. In order to convince prospective clients of your work's superiority, you may showcase finished projects on MapYourProjects with descriptive text and high-resolution images.

  • User Friendly

    You will have no trouble navigating our platform. Anyone, even those with little prior experience with computers, will be able to navigate your job portfolio with ease thanks to our intuitive design. Make it easier for your staff and your clients to utilize without requiring extensive training.

  • Display Project Photos

    Because a picture is worth a thousand words, our software will allow your work to do the talking. A stunning visual tour of your photographic projects is provided by MapYourProjects. With this function, prospective customers may observe the caliber of your work for themselves.

  • Essential Sales Tool

    Our software includes vital capabilities that may empower your sales staff. Our platform provides your sales team with tools like interactive project maps and real-time project updates, allowing them to better explain the value of your services and ultimately enhance conversions.

We have been using the Mapping Program with YourWebPro for about 6 months now and have already noticed that we are ranking higher on search engines! Working with YourWebPro on getting all of our projects up on our site has been very simple. I highly recommend this add-on to your website if you aren't using it now.

Eddie Leiss, Co-Owner of 5 Star Roofing & Restoration

What Our Clients Love About MapYourProjects


Working with us has been life-changing for our clients, and their success stories prove it. Our approach has reliably produced exceptional outcomes, ranging from visually appealing and highly functioning websites to robust sales and lead generation. Check out our case studies to learn more about our clients' successes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need MapYourProjects?

    MapYourProjects is a great way to prove you are local. It displays all your projects in an easy to identify way for local residents.
  • Does MapYourProjects help in Google?

    Yes, MYP adds content to your website with each pin, this assists with Google. Each pin is also submitted to Google by Latitude & longitude to confirm your service areas.
  • What if I don't have any projects?

    No problem. Start taking pics and logging job pins on site today.
  • Can I upload projects from mobile?

    Yes you can, our program was built in ReAct so it functions almost as an app. It is extremely mobile friendly.
  • Do I have to get permission to use their address?

    You should get permission from your client. Usually, this information is contained in your TOS.
  • What if someone decides they want me to delete the pin?

    No problem, each pin can be deleted by you at any time.
  • Can I upload more than one project at a time?

    Yes, you can upload up to 1000 projects at a time with our bulk uploader.
  • Can I map more than one type of service?

    Absolutely, you can tag projects by service, material type, historical restoration. Whatever the project, you can pin the services for on demand recall.
  • Will this be on my site for my customers to find?

    Yes, it will be in your main navigation under Local Projects

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